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12-09-2009, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I'm not sure he'll ever be a good one-on-one guy
Positioning and playing more physical. There are nights he will just let you work the perimeter, and the only time he'll touch you is if you try to break for the net. He needs to pick spots to close the distance, and physically lean on guys on the boards.

Its one thing to use your body to angle/shoulder a guy off the puck in the corners, he does that, he'll tie you up and try to get the puck loose. Its another to say "the heck with the puck, I'm just going continuously introduce your face to the glass".

Theres a reason people take round about routes to the puck and give Pronger a wide berth. Cause they know what he'll do to you. Pronger knows it doesn't matter if the puck goes by him if the guy who was carrying it its on his ass or being pounded into the boards.

Pronger often does miss hits, but he gets just enough of them that they lose control of the puck. Its SUCH a difference when Pronger just steps up and pushes a guy off the puck and immediately the lose puck is picked up by someone else and cleared then having Coburn just watch and let them drift deep into the zone on boards while the rest of the opposing team sets up in the offensive zone. Thats half the problem. When you are passive 1on1 the rest of the other team is setting up in your zone. Step the hell up on the guy and force him to make a pass/shot before he and his team are ready.

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