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12-09-2009, 03:09 PM
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I hate making these comparisons, cause the memory still makes me ill.

Our team is a skill team no doubt. But you look out west, teams that may have only 1 or 2 legit scoring threats, those teams live and die by tight checking team oriented defense, goaltending, and grinding out ugly goals.

The ducks and flames immediately come to mind when I think of teams that don't have the firepower up front to expect to score 2+ goals a night from sheer skill. They go into games knowing every goal they get will be battled for.

There just aren't many real power forwards left. Guys who can create havoc just by standing in front of the goal. So I don't buy that excuse that our team doesn't have the size to score goals that way. Plenty of teams with less then we have up front generate goals this way. Even Knuble was more about timing and positioning then sheer size. Hartnell is fairly strong in the crease, but his reputation means he gets crosschecked/held/interfered with little help from the refs.

I distinctly remember Crosby banging a goal in on us last year in the playoffs as he went down. And as much as I hate him and that he scored, his little 5'11" 195lb frame did what he had to do, and went to the front of the net and banged in a fugy goal.

I don't care if we don't have a 6'3" 235lb forward on every line. Somebody drive that net, take your crosschecks to the back, and create problems. Our "skill guys" cycle through the crease alot. They wait for the perfect setup. Sometimes that perfect setup isn't coming. Sometimes you just gotta sit down on the bench, look over and let your linemates know, that if you are cycling next shift, and no good openings are coming, that when they see you drive the net, you will be staying there setting up shop expecting a shot coming and you're going to do everything you can to screen/bang it in.

I just feel this team doesn't have that do or die mentality. That when they're down 1 goal they think they can make something pretty happen with skill. But really, sometimes you just gotta grind it out. I wasn't alive in the 70's, but I'm pretty sure thats how we got our first 2 cups.

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