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12-09-2009, 10:17 PM
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What is history going to bring to this season? All those Stanley Cups do not count this season. I have the right to expect my team to play decent hockey and try more than one move to score (shooting right at the goalie from the boards).

So what if they are aging? Are they not allowed to make some changes to adapt to any moves or an aging squad?

What does today's game have to do with playing in more games in the NHL the past few years?

And yes, it pisses me off when a Pens fan is watching the game and is actually laughing his *** off about our PP. I have seen the Pens PP and it is horrible. Having a 5 on 3 opportunity and taking so much time to shoot a one time?

You have no right to say that I am not a fan or I should like a team for different reasons. I have my reasons and I have the right to like a team for those reasons. I am loyal to them, there is no doubt. But you cannot say that they are playing attractive decent hockey.

Why should I come down to the Joe? I am not a professional hockey player. But there are a few on the sidelines who will probably provide much more than the current players are. They deserve an "off" year? HA! Truly the way a fan should think. Oh, poor Wings, you have worked sooo hard these past few years, here have the year off so you can recuperate. Please, I don't need to read this. I want any team I support to give 100% each game. That is how I am. You don't like my comments? Tough, just don't read them.

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