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12-09-2009, 11:18 PM
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Anybody keeping a tally of goals waved off by idiot refs and their Intent to Blow (mission accomplished, fellas, don't worry, you blow even without trying) for and against teams? That would be a fun stat...

I've decided I'm gonna keep this stat from now on. I'm going back through game recaps to the start of the season. If I have missed any, please feel free to point them out. Even if they favored the Wings. I want an accurate account here.

Against Wings:
1) 10/10/09 - Net comes off in Caps' zone, no whistle, Caps score immediately after. Wings win anyway 3-2.

2) 10/22/09 - Ozzie has the puck under his pad (sound familiar?) and gets plowed into the net by the Yotes, taking the puck with him. Goal stands, Yotes win in OT 3-2. This one cost the Wings a point, without question.

3) 11/19/09 - Dennis LaRue is the worst ref in the league. Enough has been said about this one. Worst call ever, no question. Game tying goal waved off for no reason. Wings lose 3-1.

4) 11/27/09 (Part 1) - Goal waved off with Cleary outside the crease and not touching the goalie. Good work.

5) 11/27/09 (Part 2) - Goal waved off for Cleary again on Brad Meier's phantom intent to blow. Would have been the tying goal if the refs hadn't screwed them twice. Wings lose 3-0. You can't convince me that they wouldn't have gotten at least one point from this one if they hadn't been screwed on these two goals.

6) 12/9/09 - Goal waved off for Zetterberg on Van Massenhoven's intent to blow (possibly justified). Slow whistle would have gotten the Wings at least a point. This one gets a gold star because there were at least six minutes of uncalled high sticking penalties that the Blues got away with. Nice.

For Wings:
1) 11/5/09 - Zetterberg pokes the puck in from Nabokov's pad. No whistle. Wings win 2-1 in shootout. I couldn't find a good replay on this one, the NHL highlights only show the wide angle which is not very helpful. The Shark announcers weren't happy though.

To be continued...

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