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Originally Posted by Lard_Lad View Post
I can't really blame Orcatown for being paranoid about alumni hirings, given the history. But at least this is a relatively inconsequential job; it's not liking letting Ron Delorme run the scouting or Stan Smyl coach the farm team. Don Hay is going to have vastly more influence on how Kevin Connauton develops than Babych is.

And I'm amazed that, in two pages of complaints about stupid hiring decisions made because of nepotism, the name Jack McIlhargey hasn't come up yet. Especially now that he's no longer safely on the Flyers' staff and is presumably looking for work.
It's too bad we have to hope the job is inconsequential. It's too bad that we have to hope that people like Smyl and Delorme don't have too much influence on the team.

But to me this type of hiring just sours the whole organization. Any time you hire or promote incompetency (like bringing in your useless brother-in law into the firm) you breed a bad atmosphere that hurts the situation. Sure you can bury the person somewhere and hope he doesn't do too much damage but it just develops an overall cynical attitude and breeds lack of respect for the whole process.

alternative - Do you honestly think that Babych would have been hired if he didn't have past connections to the team??? And if you think Babych was hired on merit or his player development background credentials then what are those credentials??? And don't say because he was working in and administrative position at the North Shore Winter Club. That hardly qualifies him as person involved in developing pro players. What has he done in the area of skill development that makes him qualified in this area??

As far as regulating the players diet, exercise programs etc... this is already been done by the trainer and others. I thought that was their job. And again what expertise does Babych have in these areas.

Lostmyglasses - are you trying to make the point , that hiring from within is the way to go for an organization? If so, do you defend the job Smyl and Delorme have done? Was it a good idea to hire them?

And what successful organization has Yzerman ran??? Right now he is doing the Olympic team but let's at least wait till the Olympics are over (and maybe till Yzerman has actually run the Red Wings or some other team) before we pass judgement here. And what has Neeley really done??? Beyond this what has Messier done? He has just been hired and not within any of his former teams but for the National team. How does that qualify as an example of hiring from within??? And how does he represent a successful example of this when the team hasn't even been formed yet??? You are all over the map here and frankly senseless.

If you want to support the principle that successful organization hire from within you are going have to come with better examples than these. And for any example you give of this there are many others that show this has not worked. The Montreal Canadiens were virtually ruin by the process and I think you can make a strong case that the Canucks have been badly effected by doing this

To imply (especially with such flimsy examples as Yzerman, Neeley and Messier) that successful NHL franchises have used in-house hiring to become successful is silly.

Ultimately you could say that the hiring of Babych is small potatoes. Just another sop to ex-player who gave the the team good service in his time. But to me, it suggest a continuation of the policy that over the years has hurt the club badly. Maybe Babych is not in an important position and who knows maybe he will work out. But the whole mentality of cronyism is, in the long run, a loser for any organization. I was hoping Gillis was striking out in a new direction but with this hiring that does not seem the case.

In the case of many posters it seems they have little problem with cronyism and, given that, there is little reason for the team worrying about the fans reacting to it. I say too bad we are not more insistent on the team thinking of their fans rather than the needs of alumni.

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