Thread: Injury Report: Alex Edler - Week to Week
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12-10-2009, 07:22 AM
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Too bad about Edler... he was just starting to come around and playing his best hockey in a long time.

Lukowich is just not an option for this team until after the deadline... until then, too big a risk to lose him on re-entry and the team doesn't have the cap space to take that risk. Rome is going to be recalled to fill the gap in the meanwhile, and hopefully both Schneider and O'Brien can play like regulars in the meantime.

As far as the Toronto trade suggestions - they are all crap. Finger is useless and wouldn't touch him even on reentry waivers - even at that price, which might be "worth it" for him, he is not needed in Vancouver... and Poni isn't needed either - we already have enough wingers on this team and I would rather keep an extra spot for Grabner, if you're going to waive someone to add another player, rather than give that spot to Poni. Exelby - again, useless!

Bieksa gets way too much flak IMO on these boards... even with his brain-cramps, missed plays, and lackadaisical play at times, he's still 10X the dman than Finger is... even with all his problems, he still generates points... and he's the type of player that you want in the playoffs - and he usually plays his best hockey later in the year as well.

Having said that, he definitely is the #1 guy that needs to step up with Edler out... Ehrhoff will be his usual self, and the rest of the guys - you get what you expect... with Edler out, the onus now is on Bieksa to step up his game, especially on the PP, to ride through these next 2 weeks. And again, this is where he is infinitely more valuable than a guy like Finger - Bieksa has that 40-point capability of stepping into the PP for a guy like Edler... Finger's a replacement for Rome more than anything else.

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