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12-10-2009, 10:42 AM
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Gilroy sent down; Johnson down, Zaba up

Hello all, been a long time reader on these boards, but haven't posted in some time (so long that it took me a minute or 2 to figure out how to create a new thread, lol). Anyways, a few months back i've obtained a source w/ some decent ranger's insider notes. I wanted to test the source's track record first so i could avoid public embaressment, and so far it has been very credible (correct on: Sangs being brought up, Heik being brought up, Vally put on waivers, Prospal being signed and Gilroy and MDZ officially making the cut out of camp) all before it was public news. I'd say the only thing that was a bit off were the Heatley rumors, but it was summer and i'm sure there was a plethora of bad info going around. Anyways, here's the latest (hopefully i'm not embaressed by my first attempt at this, lol).

There are talks that the Rangers are looking to drop Gilroy to the 'pack. He's told me this is NOT 100%, but close. I'd be very surprised in this happening and am guessing it is a combo of last night's blunder and Torts trying to "send a msg," but thought i would pass along. I thought maybe it would be to bring up a dman they want to showcase in a trade (Sangs, Potter, Sauer), but it doesn't seem anyone is being called up.

Also, the pack is looking terrible w/ Vally, so Johnson might be sent back down and Zaba brought up. Hopefully, you heard it here first

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