Thread: Speculation: Our beloved J.R on the Flyers
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12-10-2009, 12:50 PM
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i hate to say it but it goes back to upshall and to a lesser extent lupul and umburger. i think to a large part richards is an idealist. he plays hard because he knows and likes the guys on his team they look to him because hes the type of guy who cares about his teammates and they respect him because hes sincere about it. in the cynical and jaded business of sports sincerity isnt something you see often. so here you have a captain who legitimately cares about the guys he plays with and then half of the core group changes.

in comes a group of older veterans and while he could easily stick upshall or loops on grenade jumper duty if they fell into the coaches doghouse these new guys arent even interested in going out. so while hes waiting to try and figure these things out how to handle the new players and how to get the veterans to buy in the goalies gets hurt and teh coach gets canned.

i think basicly richie was feeling insecure and unsure about how to get the new team to love him and pronger came to him and said well just need to listen worry about love later. instead of trying to make the new team the old team just go out and play and let the vets follow your lead.

100% supposition from my previous time watching the team and a certain amount of experience with organisational dynamics take it for what its worth

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