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Updated Belgian Prospect Rankings

1. (1) Vincent Kompany

DOB: 10/04/1986
Club: Anderlecht
Nationality: Belgian
Position: Central defender

Back on top form after a somewhat (by his high standards that is) shaky start to the season. So there’s no other way than putting Vincent back on the #1 spot. Incredible class, technique and flair for a defender. Very strong physical tools while still only 18 years of age. Still runs out of position from time to time and makes a bad breakout pass from time to time, nothing worrisome for an 18 years old defender. Will be a world class defender in a year or two, especially if he falls into the hands of a great defensive coach.
Could end up playing as defensive midfielder as well according to some observers, and I somewhat agree with them. His exceptional technical abilities are somewhat wasted playing from the back. Was the only one who showed he could handle the level and speed of play during Anderlecht’s disastrous Champions League campaign. (Wilhelmsson was the other one who didn’t totally suck, but Vincent was more consistent).

2. (10) Silvio Proto

DOB: 23/05/1983
Club: La Louvière
Nationality : Bel
Position : Goalkeeper

Once again being his brilliant self this season. Has finally won his first international Cap and IMO it should be the beginning of a long run in the national team. Had a bit of a dip in form in December after having a great start (along with his team) wich put them near the top of the league for a while in October.

3. (4) Marco Né

DOB: 17/07/1983
Club: Beveren
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire
Position: Central Midfielder

Is having another very solid season at Beveren, was one of the few guys who didn’t look like a chicken without a head in the disastrous European campaign. He’ll be gone in the summer, possibly to Arsenal (Beveren is their feeder club) but scouts from France and Germany have made the trip to Beveren often times this season as well.

4. (15) Emmanual Eboué

DOB: 04/06/1983
Club: Beveren ->Arsenal
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire
Position: Central defender

I said I didn’t think he was going to be good enough for Arsenal this summer, but apparently Arsene Wenger thinks differently because his transfer for Arsenal got arranged during October, he’s now officially played his last game for Beveren. Still the same player though, a bit undersized but great natural strength. Another exceptional technical player for a centre back. We’ll see if he does as good as compatriot Kolo Touré at Arsenal.

5. (2) Jonathan Blondel

DOB: 03/04/1984
Club: Club Brugge
Nationality: Belgian
Position: Attacking Midfielder (left or central)

Well, Blondel couldn’t repeat his brilliant form from last season, simply because Nastjah Ceh is blocking him right now at Bruges, and Blondel can’t get into the first team at the moment. Played his first 90 minutes in a long time this weekend and still looked very good. He’s likely to leave Bruges in January to find first team football and I think he’ll be back with a vengeance.

6. (3) Kevin Vandenbergh

DOB: 16/05/1983
Club: KRC Genk
Nationality: Belgian
Postion: Striker

Not been playing enough games for Genk to continue his development. Still scores with his eyes closed though, the lose balls still find their way to Kevin’s feet.

7. (13) Jonathan Legear

DOB: 13/04/1987
Club: Anderlecht
Nationality: Bel
Position: midfielder

This guy is really starting to make some noise. I’ve seen him play a bit more now and I like what I’m seeing. He’s been deployed both as right and left midfielder (he’s pretty much two footed), likes to run at people and has shown the guts to do so even at a higher level. Good crosses as well and a very good work rate for a winger, one to watch for the future, I think he’ll be a good one. He’s been good enough for Anderlecht to put captain Walter Baseggio (who himself has been playing badly so it’s not THAT impressive) on the bench in his favour.
And all of that at 17 years of age..

8. (5) Anthony Vanden Borre

DOB: 24/10/1987
Club: Anderlecht
Nationality: Bel
Position: Right Back

Well I made reservations this summer and some of it has already shown. Has been struggling mightily with his form, but seems to be coming out of his slump right now. Hasn’t been in the lineup too much because of his horrible form. Doesn’t have the same class as Kompany wich clearly shows at times, he’s been loosing balls and making horrible passes from the right back. But like I said, all is not lost, still only 17 and is beginning to look better again.

9. (non ranked) Benjamin ‘Benji’ De Ceulaer

Burst on the scene last year, but I somehow didn’t like him too much. Was employed as a right midfielder, is a really exceptional dribbler and has a very good cross. This season Sint Truiden and coach Wilmots started of like ****. They were near the bottom in October until Wilmots shook things up and De Ceulaer was put in the striker position. And all of a sudden he started to score goals. I think he’ll be off to a bigger club in the summer. Very bright talent, even though I still don’t like him (how can you like someone who’s called ‘Benji’??)

10. (16) Moussa Sanogo

DOB: 16/07/1983
Club: Beveren
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire
Position: Striker

Continues to dazzle defenses with his breathtaling speed and dribbling AND he knows how to finish. If he can get consistency in his performances he’ll be off to a bigger league as early as next season.

11. (non ranked) Hans Cornelis

DOB: 05/01/1982
Club: Club Brugge
Nationality: Bel.
Position: Right Back/Wing Back

Shown what a good player he can be during Olivier de ****’s absence in October. Above average going forward, has a good cross. Is good and solid defensively. Due to the lack of first team opportunities he hasn’t progressed like he should and he’ll leave Bruges on a Bosman in June. I’m still confident that my prediction of him becoming an international player for Belgium will come true, in 2 or 3 years time. He’ll refuse to be another victim of Trond Sollied’s prospect hell in Bruges (see: Blondel, Verbouwhede, Van Tornhout, Geraerts, Lombaerts, and co)

12. (non ranked) Karel Geraerts
DOB: 05/01/1982
Club: Standard Liège
Position: Defensive Midfielder

Had him just outside of my top 20 this summer. I didn’t think he was going to play (see: Onyewu) but he’s been incredible. Best midfielder for Standard this season and he was inspirational at times. He’s a guy who will run for 90 minutes, close down opponents, make the tackles and do the team’s dirty work. Think Gattuso with less energy and pure venom and a bit more brains (not quality wise, but style wise). Good long range shot as well, scored a few nice goals.

13. (non ranked) Ogushi Onyewu
DOB: 13/05/1982
Club: Standard Liège
Nationality: USA
Position: Central Defense

Didn’t rank him last time for two reasons, I didn’t know he was an 82 born and I didn’t think he was going to be in the lineup following his move from La Louvière.
And I was wrong on both accounts, Onyewu barely fits the criteria for our rankings so I’ll gladly make up to him.
Has been enjoying a very good season at Standard, has been the best defender in a defense wich houses big names like Ivica Dragotinovic (usually a top 3 D in Belgium) and Eric Deflandre. His main strength is his physical power: 1.93M for 91kilos, he’s built like a tank. He’s pretty quick as well and good in the tackle. Couple that with solid positioning and you’ve got a very good defender there. But he’s also solid going forward, especially on corners (obviously with that height) and has scored a few already. Not all positive though since the last few weeks his form has been going downhill and he was one of the main culprits in the 1-7 (seven!) home loss to Atletic Bilbao, in what was supposed to be the game of the season for Standard.
Furthermore I’m nost sure how much better he can get.

14. (9) Faris Haroun

DOB: 22/09/1985
Club: KRC Genk
Nationality: Bel
Position: Midfielder

Been out of the lineup for a long time, just came back in recently and is doing well once again, scoring a few goals. Genk as a whole sucks badly at this point though. Hasn’t regressed though, but the ones above have just improved their credentials.

15. (12) Mohammed Tchité

DOB: 31/01/2004
Club: Standard
Nationality: DR Congo
Position: Striker

Tailed off a bit after a strong and exciting start to the season, but he’s good enough to bounce back. A bit of redundant info perhaps but there is talk of him taking on Belgian nationality and making himself available for the national team.

16. (non ranked) Cadu Carlos da Silva Carlos Eduardo
DOB: 23/03/1982
Club: GBA
Position: Striker

Like I said in the summer, good striker with an eye for goal, is one 8 goals right now, one off the pace of Bosko Balaban. Technically good and not slow. Not sure if he’s really going to improve a lot though.

17. (6) Glenn Verbouwhede

DOB: 19/05/1985
Club: Club Brugge
Nationality: Bel
Position: Goalkeeper

Still an incredible talent, hasn’t played one single minute L

18. (18) Romaric

DOB: 04/06/1983
Club: Beveren
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoir
Position: Attacking midfielder/second striker

Still has a wicked shot, above average physical tools and a bad temper. He’s probably going to leave Beveren soon for another league (France is a possibility).

19. (non ranked) Nicolas Lombaerts
DOB: 20/03/1985
Club: A.A. Gent
Position: Central Defender / Defensive midfielder

Has been an intgral part of Georges Leekens’ renaissance at Gent. Very solid yet very unspectacular, you hardly notice him most of the time. Typical Belgian you could say, will be a good one I think, he has the right Belgian, down to earth mentality to become a very good player in and for Belgium.

20. (non ranked) Izzet Akgül
DOB: 28/01/1982
Club: S.C. Charleroi
Position: Striker

A pure striker, he will shoot for goal from everywhere and one is always surprised how often he hits the target. Has been an important part of Jacky Matthysen (remember that name, he’ll become a great coach some day) Houdini act in Charleroi, wich has changed them from relegation dwellers to European contenders. Will need to prove himself in the second half of the season though.

Other notables (previous position) – no particular order:
_Thibault Detal (20) - Charleroi
Hasn’t been in the lineup a lot at Charleroi, seems to be a victim of the success of the current starting XI there. Stil very young and can bounce back no doubt.
_Martin Kolar (17) - Anderlecht
Hasn’t been playing at all due to injury. If he doesn’t get back soon he’s a goner IMO, too bad because he’s got some skills.
_Logan Bailly (19) - Genk
Out of the lineup as well, young keeper will need some games next season though.
_Stijn De Smet ( ) – Cercle Brugge
In and out of the lineup. Sold striker with good pace and a nice goalscoring touch.
_Stiven Rivic ( ) – Sint-Truiden
not been playing enough
_Bram Verbist ( ) – GBA
Still a talented goalie, needs to be in the first team though. Would be ideally suited for a Dutch Eredivisie team.
_Dickson Agyeman ( ) – GBA
Hasn’t played enough
_Tim Matthijs ( ) – AA Gent
Looked very good when given the chance and is rising up the charts. Good goalscorer and classy striker
_Mustapha Oussalah ( ) – AA Gent
A really nice dribbler, very creative guy who’s been very good this season.
_Moussa Dembele ( ) – GBA
Young Stiker (16/07/1987) who’s made his debut after impressing with the reserves, too arly to tall what type of player he is, I’ll need to watch him more.
_Steven Defour ( ) – RC Genk
Very young striker (15/04/1988!). Hasn’t been in the first team but is making noise with the reserves. Is supposed to be a great talent.
_Fangzhuo Dong ( ) – Royal Antwerp FC (Man Utd)
Chinese prospect (23/01/1985) that cost United a lot of money, that hyped up one. Is doing OK in the second league but is most certainly not setting it alight. It’s hard to follow the second league to get an idea of his abilities so I should probably go and watch ‘den Antwerp’ some time in a nice second division game. I’ll consider the thought
_Sebastian Kneissl ( ) – Westerlo (Chelsea)
Not very impressive at all, no way he’ll make it at Chelsea
_Michael Modubi ( ) – Westerlo (Chelsea)
Still in and out of the lineup and very inconsistent. Furthermore the entire Westerlo team has sucked this year as opposed to last year. I don’t think any of the Westerlo guys will be good enough for Chelsea or the Premier League.
_Joe Keenan ( ) – Westerlo (Chelsea)
See above
_Jeffrey Ntuka ( ) – Westerlo
Once again, see above
_Grégory Lorenzy ( ) – Mouscron
Solid yet unspectacular season
_Manaseh Ishiaku ( ) – La Louvière
Very strong striker and a good goalscorer. Looks to be on his way to Club Bruges and should fit in well in their system, possibly another gem here (09/01/1983) who came from the third division after being ‘imported’ from Nigeria.
_Dieter van Tornhout - Club Brugge
Promising young striker (18/03/1985) who is unfortunately another victim of Bruges' prospect hell. Very big lad with amazing aerial skills and very good movement in the box. Looks like a real talent to me even though he only gets very limited minutes right now.
_Anatoly Guerk - Anderlecht
This kid's been in Belgium for a long time, and there have been whispers that he's one of the best prospects in Belgium. However he's already 20 years of age (20/11/1984) and still hasn't made a run at a place in the starting XI. From what I hear his attitude doesn't match his potential. He came on as a sub once or twice though this season and in one match in particular he showed why he's so highly regarded, scoring a goal and creating one in 20 minutes when Anderlecht was trailing by 1 goal.

I lost these guys because they are almost to old for the list and have been around long enough for me to consider them almost completely developed:
_Jonathan Walasiak (7) – Horrible loss of form and confidence, no longer a member of the starting 11 and will have to improve
_Yaya Touré (8) – Playing in Donetsk now, I can’t follow his progress anymore obviously
_Koen Daerden (11) – not enjoying the best of seasons, is still a member of the red devils though.
_Sambegou Bangoura (14) – Still a very good striker, great header and very strong.
_Aliyou Datti (non ranked) – Started off like a rocket but has gone down since then with the rest of this pitifull team. Still no consistency: 4 goals after 5 games, 7 after 17. He’s not going to become a great player IMO so he’s out of my list J
_Yasin Karaca (non ranked) – He still thinks he’s a superstar while he has problems performing for the worst team in Belgium.
_Aristide Bancé ( ) – not the required upside
_Wim De Decker ( ) – see above
_Stijn Vangeffelen ( ) – see above once more
_Igor de Camargo ( )
_Goran Lovre ( ) – Horrible this season, I doubt he’ll make it at a bigger club
_Lamine Traoré ( ) – not a very good season after an impressive start.

One more thing, there’s two more Belgians making some noise, one is Chelsea fourth Keeper Yves Kalambay and Florent N’Galula M’buy who’s been impressive ever since joining Man Utd from Anderlecht (the thieves!!!!!! :mad: ). Fergie has been positive about him in the press and at 17 years (07/03/1987) he should be considered a big talent by Belgian standards.

Since the question was asked, if I were to rank these two players I think if N'Galula had stayed in Belgium and had been playin gfor Anderlecht at this stage he'd surely gat a top 10 ranking, with Kalambay probably being in the top 20 as well.

And finally, my Wild Card!
Julien Pinelli
DOB : 27/01/1987
Club : La Louvière
Position : Winger
This kid made his debut last week and impressed me a lot (and I only saw the highlights). Very small (1.69, 60 kilos) but of course very quick, great dribbler and good cross with two feet. I’ll be hoping to see more from him in the second half of the season. Could be nothing though

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