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12-21-2004, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Accord
It matters a great deal. Taping your stick toe to heel completely defeats the purpose of having tape on your stick in the first place and will cause your shot to be far less accurate than if you tape it heel to toe.
I disagree. I've ALWAYS taped toe-to-heel, and I have a very accurate shot. The puck spins off the blade properly this way, so you get a better shot.

And by the way, the PURPOSE of having tape on the stick is to have a cushion when receiving a pass and to help the blade last longer by having less wear on the bottom.

I always put an extra strip of tape along the bottom for extra protection, then tape toe-to-heel with black tape, overlapping slightly. When I'm done, I use baby powder to get rid of any stickiness on the tape, and a little candle wax or the "sex wax", but that does nothing, really, that I can see.
I have a fairly small tape knob at the top of my sticks, I make them by ripping the tape in half, then wrapping it around and around until it's the size I like, then just cover it with one layer of tape to smooth things out.

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