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12-21-2004, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16
We won't lose any, if that was going to be the case we would have signed them both ! If Clarkie did not know for sure, he would have spent the extra $$ ( which would not have been that much ) to sign them both. Something I personally don't even worry about.
look... no one knows for sure what is going to happen. there is a presumption that a deal is going to be worked out to deal with prospects in this situation in the event the entire season explodes. however, there is nothing certain whatsoever. that uncertainty is the EXACT reason you saw teams lock up a few prospects in the eleventh hour prior to the lockout in order to make sure that they wouldn't be facing the prospect of losing them in the event this NHL self destruction continues...

in fact, Bettman was pissed at the teams for doing it because to some extent it was a slight breach of the united front the owners were trying to present in terms of financial resolve towards player contracts.

so no. clarkie has no clue what is going to happen, and a major part of the reason he didn't sign them to contracts was to get them at a lower price hopefully... he was contemplating NOT signing pitkanen last year and letting him wait til after this CBA is signed in order to sign him to a smaller contract as well.

hopefully they sign a season into effect shortly after the new year and then all of these concerns are moot, but they are very much a concern if the season gets killed. then again, if they fold the league, who knows what will happen.

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