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12-10-2009, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Franzenstein View Post
Fugu, you mean to tell me the world is not at an end? The sky is not falling? I already stocked up on canned food and hit the bomb shelter....Damn it.

Great point, people should read this a second time. Pessimism is for Leafs fans.

If they have one bad year, so what? We knew this year was going to be tough, cap declining at a time when they had key guys up for renewal (Sammy, Hudler, Hossa, Franzen, Z.....). I think the real test is this coming summer and going forward. Hopefully the cap doesn't decline further, but they have some decent prospects longterm too. Between the injuries and talent lost, it's okay to say this year may end up a wash. I tend to trust the overall draft/development/UFA signing record of mgt., so yes, all is not lost. This year might be, but meh. We're in this for life.

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