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09-22-2003, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Bicycle Repairman
Oh what a bunch of claptrap! What a bunch of Revisionist History. Are you implying your squad (fully cognizant of the fact it is indeed preseason) didn't try? If so, Craig MacTavish is guilty of a most heinous crime insofar as competive sports goes. No coach sets his team up to lose. The idea is preposterous.
Albeit extreme, I agree with Bicycle Boy. The integrity and credibility of pro sports in at stake whenever games are played. Granted the Oilers used Saturday night to evaluate young prospects against a heated opponent but they were challenged to succeed. It is a great way to measure heart and desire in these young players - kinda like throwing them in the deep end and forcing them to swim. The goal of any professional team is to win all of its games but in pre-season there is room to gamble and challenge the youth with no real risk or downside... other than some wounded pride in losing to our hated rivals.

Without the assurance that all pro teams are committed to winning all of its games, the game itself risks becoming pro wrestling.

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