Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jovanovski suspended for 2 games
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12-10-2009, 02:00 PM
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Here are my thoughts on the hit :

Jovo's arms we off of his body when the hit was initiated, not by much but enough. The hand and forearm extended into the head through the completion of the hit. There was visible indicators the head was hit (ie blood). So it doesn’t surprise me that he was suspended for it. Now if he kept his arms in and used his considerable mass to deliver the hit and not extend his arms, it would have be considered a good hit and nothing would happen. Years of training and natural instinct cause people to push off when delivering a hit and when that is in the head area it will make it look like it was intentional. I think the Wild did a good job of not responding right away on it and drawing an instigator penalty. It was one of those borderline hits and ends up on the wrong side because of the follow-through and where the player was injured. It comes at a bad time, but in this league there is never a good time. It will be interesting to see if we can pull of two wins and to see if we Jovo cop back on another scoring streak.

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