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12-10-2009, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by xicethug13x View Post
great great post i couldnt agree more with would be amazing to see d1 hockey spread across teh is a shame the the state of illinois has not even 1 d1 team...we used to have uic but that been gone for over 15 years....and cali should definitly have some teams hockey has become immensly popular out there now they have great aaa programs ...some junior teams...and are producing top calibar would be great to see a pac 10 kinda conference created for would be great for spreading the popularity of ncca d1 out west...becasue right now all the cali kids pretty much go the chl route because d1 ncaa gets no exposure out there...but imagine if usc...and cal..and stanford had programs i guarantee you all teh cali kids would wanna play there....

also i guarantee you if some bigtime cali schools like usc,cal,ucla,stanford..etc got d1 programs..within 3-5 years they would be competing for national championships...because tehre is alote of talent in cali and out west ingeneral taht they would get....and it would be a huge draw for recruiting to come and go to school for 4 years in southern a big name school...they would get a ton of top players from all over
thank you, I appreciate it.

Pretty interesting timing I guess; Paul Kelly the former NHLPA Head who is now the head of College Hockey Inc. was on NHL Live a few days ago...and guess what? He discussed everything that I mentioned above!! Paul, are you on here reading this thread???

It was very interesting how he specifically noted the lack of growth in college hockey, how the NHL could help fund the colleges, and getting division one teams in Illinois, California, Florida, and Texas. He even mentioned Penn State not being a d-1 team, and how silly that is.

It is Paul's job to help spread the word of College hockey, and to help its growth in the US, and he has been meeting with many different schools over the past few weeks, and will continue to meet with them until they start producing d-1 programs.
It is a daunting task for Mr. Kelly as stated above by some of you, but at least he is out there and actually sees just how bad the growth of Division 1 hockey has been. Go get em' Paul!!

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