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12-21-2004, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BigE
1. There is more to goaltending that just numbers. All it takes is for the jerk in the press box to miss five shots and you go from a .900 to a .880 and when you're Schwarz and facing 40-50 shots a game in the Czech Elite League, things tend to get construed. Make no mistake about it; technically, laterally and reflex-wise Schwarz is the better goaltender.

Like I mentioned earlier, people tend to get caught up in the flashy cuban kid that loves the spotlight (which happens to be New York). Things of a correlated nature often seem, but in fact are not causily related. He's certainly not the next Mike Richter like everyone is hoping.

2. That is precisely why he'll be dealt within a year for a 4th rounder or so. His value is declining, he's played out his waiver ineligibility and he's viewed as an uncertain risk.

3. It's not optimal to have two starting guys, used to carrying the load, splitting time. Unfortunatley it doesn't work too well. Regardless, I tend to believe that Henrik is past the AHL point in his progress. Although he may need time to adjust to the angles of a smaller NA rink.

4. Montoya needs to prove himself before he earns what some have already given to him (too easily, I might add). I would have taken Tukonen in a second.
1. Your right, there is much more to goaltending then numbers, but I'd like to see Schwartz outplay Montoya at some level before simply naming him the #1 goalie. Do you really think you know more about them then all the GM's who let him slide that long? He was the 3rd goalie taken for a reason. I'm not saying he can't one day be the best goalie taken in that draft, but he's shown me nothing to merit that now. Montoya and Dubynk were taken first, and have both outperformed him at this point. Schwartz own backup has outperformed him as of right now. Schwartz may have great reflexes, but he has many other holes in his game right now.

2. Blackburn is an uncertain risk. He may or may not fully recover. He may or may not be able to make up for lost development time. If you could leave him in Hartford for a couple more years then I think he could develop, but that doesn't appear to be an option. I'm not one to gamble sending him down just to see Milbury or Lamoriello grab him. His uncertain status IMHO is one of the biggest reasons that NYR took Montoya. Lundvquist himself has even said he'll need a year in the AHL. To simply pencil hims in the NHL immediately would be foolish. What would we rush him for? Our playoff run?

3. It's not optimal to have two starting goalies in the NHL, but what are the odds that both play equally great hockey? Odds are that one will seperate themself from the other in 2-3 years. They certainly can split time with all the games in the AHL, not too mention they will probably have Allaire down there quite a bit to work with them. Half an AHL season isn't like half an NCAA season.

4. Montoya is every bit as proven as anyone in that draft outside of AO and Malkin. He performed his best on the biggest stage. He played very good hockey all yer last season at Michigan, and has been solid this year on a team that often leaves him out to dry. I'm not saying he's a guaranteed stud goalie, but Tukkonen is no more proven at this point. It is just as possible that Montoya could be a career back-up as Tukkonen is a career 3rd/4th liner. Many finnish posters consider Korpikoski or Nokkelainen very comparable to Tukkonen.

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