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12-10-2009, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by vilpertti View Post
They've been letting the opponents carry the play and dominate the perimeter quite alot lately, I wonder if that's some scheme McLennan wants to experiment with or expose the team to now that they're pretty much a lock to make the post season.
Nice thought, we all see that the Sharks tend to back off and play "zone" when the opponent has the puck in their zone (the only exceptions are Nichol and Murray, those are the only guys who regularly attack rather than back up). I feel that this style allows the opponent to dictate the tempo and it makes them more aggressive, which carries over on both offense and defense. I can only trust that the coaches see this and has some master plan behind this, because it's obviously not working well. Like you said, perhaps the coaches are letting opponents reveal their cards now so that they can be prepared later on...

On another subject, one thing I noticed about the Kings last night is they were able to anticipate Thornton really, really well. Much better than any team I've seen this year. They were able to know ahead when a Sharks winger or defenseman along the boards were going to rim the puck around to JT behind the net and were able to intercept many times. This is where Joe should recognize the usual isn't working and go outside his box to catch them off guard, but he just kept doing the usual.

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