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Originally Posted by Canadian Bacon View Post
One question is, I am 5'7 130 pounds, 16 years old. I am currently using senior sticks and I don't have that great of a shot...should I actually be using Intermediate sticks?

Second question is has anyone tried a Bauer Supreme One55? I found one for 54.99 online and was wondering how they are.

Thanks for any responses.
dude, you're like a clone of me ,but im 1-2 inches taller

Senior vs INT:
-Ive always used Sr sticks, my first OPS was actually the One55 (more on that later)
-My new strick is now the X:40 uncut 77flex
-My advice to you is to get a Sr stick wit the lowest flex possible (77 for Bauer, 75 of TPS/Easton etc.)
-Dont cut it, as you will grow for sure
-If you must cut it, be aware that this will increase flex

-got for $80 tax incl
-heavy stick, like others at its range, but not as heavy as some of the others (TPS R2)
-good puck feel, responsive
-onl availible in 87 flex in Sr
-Very durable and tough
-Overall: ok stick for its price, heavy, but gets the job done, good as backup stick

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