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Originally Posted by B-rock View Post

I agree that Smyl was terrible in his position as minor league coach, but he's been shuffled to a position that perhaps is a little more fitting to his personality.

Delorme, I also agree, hasn't been fantastic. I'm the first to proclaim he should be gone. However, I think it is of note, that since Gillis got here, the Canucks drafting seems to have improved, at least on the surface...time will tell. This leads me to believe that Delorme wasn't solely to blame for some of the rotten picks made under previous GM's ...
I think the problem isn't hiring former players from within the organization... the problem is not firing them if and when they prove ineffective. I think this is what separates the organizations that do it right as opposed to those that don't.

And with Gillis, it's too early to tell whether he'll fall victim to the same trap.

There are still some other former Canucks I'd love to see hired by this organization, as long as they're put in positions to help us succeed... Linden is one of those guys - a bright individual and a passionate Canuck, who could be a real asset to this organization off the ice and no doubt would work his ass off helping the team... I've also been posting for years now that Larionov should be offered a job by this organization... maybe he has been and just isn't interested, but from the time I've started watching hockey, he's stood out as the single most intelligent hockey player I've ever been able to follow and actually talk to personally. He's a brilliant hockey mind IMO and I would love to see him with this organization again someday, though it's very likely he has no interest in such a position.

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