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12-10-2009, 06:15 PM
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Everybody has to start somewhere, if you look at Babych he's basically joining an organization in an entry level type situation. He's not starting off as a coach or a head scout. Every former player who joins an organization has to start somewhere. Not only that, but you don't see people get hired in jobs like this who haven't played in the NHL.

So really, this isn't a situation where I'm really concerned about an "old boys club". Babych seems about as qualified for the job he was hired to as the next ex-player who hasn't landed a job in a front office before.

You could argue that he needs player development experience at a lower level before he becomes qualified for player development at the NHL level, but I'm not sure whether organizations in lower leagues even have those positions.

On top of all this, you could argue that it would look better if we hired somebody who hasn't played for the Canucks in the past to avoid some kind of bias but at the same time you have to realize that the reason players get hired into organizations they used to play for isn't because of a bias but simply because that is the place his character, abilities and in general -reputation had the biggest impact.

Why hire somebody who you think is equal to Babych when you know for a fact what Babych brings? It's like hiring somebody you used to work with because you know what he can do over somebody you have never worked with and taking some amount of risk.

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