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12-10-2009, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
If the Canucks were moving ex-players into lower level positions and then moving them up in the organization as they showed ability then there would be no complaint. For example, Gradin started as overseas and seemingly part time scout. As he did well he became more central to the scouting system. No one has a problem with that.
apparently you do have a problem with that!

first of all, you will get no argument from me about Smyl and Delorme... but that was all done before Gillis got here... he didn't hire them straight from their playing career and put them into key roles... in fact one of the first things he did was take them out of key roles.

secondly, what you said above has me completely confused! You've been arguing extensively in this thread about Babych's hiring - but his hiring by Gillis is exactly like you described above - he was not hired in a key position. He is not a coach, or assistant coach, or head scout or even a regular scout. He's not a top trainer, or in-charge of player development... and he's not even being put into a key management role like Yzerman, Nieuwendyk or Hull were right out of their careers... he is starting as much at the bottom as possible here - he's got a minor role in player development working under Gagner, and dealing specifically with prospect dmen in the system.

What possible job could he have gotten with this team that is lower key than that?

If he does well in that position, he should earn the right to move up - whether that's as an assistant coach in Manitoba or a full time trainer in Vancouver.

Gillis basically has done exactly what you're suggesting above - bringing in the guy in a low key position and seeing how he pans out, and yet you've been harping about this signing since it happened, despite saying "there would be no complaint"?

And this is the ONLY signing that Gillis has made that has a former Canuck with more than 1 season's experience with the organization. THE ONLY ONE!! out of many other positions he's filled.... and this - hiring one former Canuck in about the most minor off-ice position you can find, is somehow deserving of the criticism you've laid out here?

maybe I read the wrong article here, and Babych just got hired as the team's top player development coach? or maybe being hired as a part-time employee in player development, assigned to mentor a couple players is a top level position with the team now?

or maybe you're just making too big a deal out of something that just isn't there?

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