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Originally Posted by dmarc031 View Post
alright well i got a question as well. This is my second year building a rink but last year i just did like pack down snow and spray and freeze idea

But this year i made boards and plan on using the tarp method as soon as this weekend, but the gradient from the high point to the low point is about 12 inches, and since we just got a bunch of snow here i was wondering if i could pack down snow in the low part to build it up, then lay down the tarp so im not flooding as much in one end.

also i was planing on doing the flooding in layers and slowly building it up, but from reading above i get thats not the best idea.

Keep im mind my rink is about 28' x 55' so its going to take alot of water.
Well since you are dealing with a one foot difference from the high point to low point packing snow is the way to go because you have to. The plastic put on top is absolutely needed but expect that you may have issues with the ice cracking unless you get it very thick over the packed snow.

If you are not compacting it with a heavy roller type heavy equipment whatchamahoozie and are just packing it with tampers or something you may not get a good enough base.

I mean it's worth a try, the worst that happens is you only have half a rink to play on.

My outdoor rink had about 10inches to a foot difference and I could not get it to work right with snow under it as I could never get it packed hard enough to support ice on top. I flooded from the low point to the high point in several light floodings and eventually it covered the whole thing. it took a while though.

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