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12-10-2009, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussha View Post
I don't think calling up an AHL kid is the answer right now either, but the fact that Leino is playing like an AHLer anyways, it might be worthwhile to the future of some of our AHL prospects like Mursak and Tatar to let them come up for 2-3 games just to give them a taste of real NHL action (not preseason shyt) to let them know whats in store for them and what they really need to work on if they wanna translate the AHL success they are having right now into the big leagues.

This is by no means a method of making us win NHL games now, but because like I said, Leino isn't doing anything for the team anyways, I don't think it really affects the outcome if we will win the game or not, but it does possibly give some valuable experience to our kids for those 2-3 games.
Mursak and Tatar aren't physically ready to handle first line AHL minutes let alone 3rd/4th line NHL minutes. They would get destroyed out their.

Originally Posted by Attack Llama View Post
Of the young ones, yes.

However, Oulahen, Newbury, Williams, Emmerton, McGrath, Rissmiller -- all guys who can be filler and chip in without risking development...

... because, well, they're pretty much developed out.

No need to even worry about "impact" at this point.
Well said. A few of those guys wouldn't get the call (Oulahen because he is injured, Rissmiller is Rangers property, Emmerton isn't quite ready yet) and I would add Ritola to that list, but you got the right idea.

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