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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
I take into consideration that we won .... what 17 games in the year before we beat Detroit? While we have had a gut load of failure in the P/O's since that season, at least in that year we exceeded expectations even getting to the playoffs and Garpenlov hit a crossbar in O.T. of game 6 vs Toronto that could have sent us to the SCF ...... that's how close it was. It would have been the greatest turnaround in the history of sports. Not just worst to first, but a record losing streak in one year, to within a cross bar of going to the Stanley Cup Finals.....just imagine .....

..... and thats why 15 years later I still honor Larinonov in my avi. There may have been more skilled players who have been on the team in their primes, but there has never been a team before or since that almost pulled off what the 94 Sharks did. (and look at the pass from Larionov at 1.19. Who makes that pass on this team?)
*peeks in*

lol funny thing about that pass to is that makarov isnt even on the ice when the play starts, he literally jumped off the boards and takes the pass, maybe he yelled to larionov right as he was jumping off.. or maybe... .. . maybe.. he just knew.... @_@


Ive been meaning to upload it as well, but I think it was in game 7 garpenlov was also hauled down when the sharks were trying to tie it with more or less a open net and potvin down. But I guess the refs didnt give a ****. They could have at least called a dive and a trip/interference or something. But what can you do I guess... Irbe also played those playoffs with a broken foot throughout. And I think if you watch the toronto series again unlike the detroit series san jose deff was the better team. And more calls/bounces in general went against them. So they really deserved a better fate.. Oh well..

*sneaks out*

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