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12-11-2009, 12:38 AM
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Its already been said, NCAA hockey is really hard for new schools to get into because:[LIST]
*Its expensive (to fund a team, scholarships, build an NCAA standard rink, etc..), then to add to those expenses Title IX and funding a women's sport at a comparable level...
*Another big factor is that the hockey conferences are essentially "full" (a problem Alabama Huntsville is facing) Although i'm sure if that was a school like Penn State, Florida, or USC there'd majically be a spot in the conferences . It would however be better to have more than one school join and also have some realignment.

if Pac 10 team join you could create a Pacific College Hockey conference and add the Alaska schools in there, that would open up the WCHA for another midwest school (maybe from the Big XII) and open up a spot in the CCHA for Penn State, Illinois or another school in the Big 10

Southern Schools like Florida, Georgia, Kennesaw State, could join Alabama Huntville and a schools such as Texas, Texas Tech, Duke, North Carolina and create a Southern Hockey Conference

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