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12-21-2004, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Bennysflyers16
Do you honestly believe the Free Spending Flyers would risk losing these 2 players over $400 k a piece, not likely. Whatever contract the owners get, will contain a clause where teams will NOT lose their drafted players.
couple of facts...

1. the flyers have been attempting to cut payroll... they've been accomplishing this with players pushing money around (Rex is owed a bunch next year for example), and by looking hard at rookie contracts.

2. the flyers seriously considered NOT signing pitkanen to play last year.

3. multiple NHL teams DID think that there was a legitimate chance they may lose their prospects, thus they signed them to last minute contracts prior to the lockout taking effect.


the next question's would be: do/did the flyers believe in september that the entire season would be lost, thus making this an issue? did the flyers believe that some form of cap/tax would be in place that would affect their BIG SPENDER payroll significantly and that the incentive laden contracts these two would demand could screw them in that climate?

i don't know the answer to that question, but my guess is that no, they didn't. so it was worth not signing those guys at the time so that they could save some on their potential contracts in general... before even worrying about the g possibility of a low cap/tax being imposed when they would be locked into potentially damaging contracts.

look. there are ZERO rules for what is going to happen with these guys. no one knows. everything, and i mean everything, is pure speculation right now. if the season goes kaput, they may very well be lost to us -- but it would also create an uber-draft of epic proportions -- however, they may not be lost to us. no one knows, that's the point.

personally i think something will get worked out to allow teams a grace period to get these guys under contract, it makes the most sense. that doesn't mean that is what is going to happen.

in any event, hopefully there will be a season and we won't have to worry about losing these guys.

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