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12-11-2009, 04:06 AM
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Good win. Played fairly well for the most part. There was difference in Cbus's play from their first visit. The first time they tried to be physical and borderline dirty. This time it was much less physical, they tried to go more skill.


Originally Posted by MemphisHockeyFan View Post
Great win!

I'm not dating anymore guys who aren't into sports, and might extend that to men who aren't into hockey. I love this game and I'm too passionate about it to have to choose between it and a guy. Call me crazy, but I want a guy who understands what it is like to be a fan. So happy about the win. It was a crazy, fun game. Let's kick some winged butt!
Excellent. I hate guys that don't like sports. Actually it's no big deal if someone doesn't like sports, but at least respect the fact that I like sports and want to watch my favorite teams. It always made me mad when my sorority would try to schedule sisterhood/pledge crap on game days. Just because the Pledge Ed. didn't care about sports she scheduled stuff whenever her schedule allowed. Finally one game day me and another sister just said we weren't staying and we went to the game. While tailgating we saw a bunch of the alumni who kept asking us where all the rest of the sisters were.

Originally Posted by PredsChik20 View Post
SLake: You're my go to guy for info, any word on Weber? Out last 2 or so min. of the third, skated (struggled) through 2 shifts in OT, according to someone sitting directly across from the bench 3rd row, he looked hurt.
Being hurt would explain why he played like **** tonight. Seriously, guys were blowing right past him and he would just fall over backwards. He played far off the Cbus players and it just wasn't anything like Tuesday. He didn't play the last 5 minutes of the 3rd and only those 2 shifts in the OT. But on the last shift he raced down the ice to get the icing call and he looked OK there. I tried to watch some of the replay to see if he got hurt. I thought one time he might have gone to the lockerroom because there was an extra space on the bench when they skated by it, but then they showed a close up of the bench and Weber was sitting right there. Hope it was just a bad night and nothing else!

Originally Posted by SLake
I'm sorry, but I did not see or attend the game tonight. While I was getting prepared for the game I suffered a seizure-like episode (unconfirmed right now) and was sent to the ER where I only recently returned from. If I read or hear anything regarding Weber in the morning, I'll try to pass it along...
Oh no, hope you are doing OK now!

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