Thread: Larry Brooks: PHX rejected Sanguinetti for Mueller
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12-11-2009, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Hate him or not, don't forget that he usually only deals with his friends. Which is clearly a smart strategy.

Some other thoughts:

- As for this "offer", it's pathetic and it doesn't say much about Sanguinetti.

- I really don't see why people hate Brooks. Articles like this are great. The only complaint you can have is that it takes him way too long to get around to writing them. But the fact of the matter is he clearly identifies the real, and only significant and relevant, issue with this club. No matter what, this team isn't going to win thanks to the contract's of Drury, Redden, and Rozsival.

- How awesome is it when the team you live and die with has articles written about it of this nature at least once a season?
I strongly question his credibility after he wrote that article about the Rangers not offering Orpik a contract (when it appears that they did). IMO, he just seems hell-bent on attacking Sather left and right, and he goes too far with it.

His schtick is getting old. All he ever seems to do is write up angry articles criticizing the team.

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