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12-11-2009, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
There were reports of cliques and the like in Philadelphia.

That isn't a secret.

JR says not to blame Stevens, but in the end, the locker room is his responsibility. How the players interact with each other is sometimes unavoidable, but honestly, with a career of his own to worry about through the majority of the Stevens era, how much has he really witnessed?

I am one of JR's biggest fans. I love his personality. I love how he played for us.

This time though, I really think our locker room and our play were a direct effect of the type of coaching we had in place.

JR says that the coach shouldn't be to blame in Philadelphia, but I think this situation was one of the most obvious situations where a coaching change was necessary out of the many changes we've seen in recent memory.

I still hope Stevens rejoins the organization in some way, shape, or form. He is a good guy who really does want the players to succeed. You can tell he cares about the players and how they develop, both on the ice and in life. That's something important to keep within the organization even if his leadership role should be questioned.

Some people like to assume a captain is the leader and should have control of the locker room at all times. A captain though is the second in command under the coach in all respects. In that regard, a captain is only as good as his coach.

I'm not saying Richards or the leadership among players should not take any blame for any locker room issues, but without a coach that's going to be a coach there's no use for a captain.
Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I agree to an extent. John didn't exactly have much control over the locker room. I think he tried to assert himself as someone to look up to, but he tried to do it by becoming a "member of the team," so to speak.

In reality, I assume the team really did like Stevens for the most part. That doesn't necessarily mean he was the best man for the position.
Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Fact is if i guy comes in without the "im one of you guys" attitude you will see that the locker room stuff will soon go away. When you realise that your actually playing for a place on the team, thats when you start to play your own game and keep your head down.

Now i'm not saying that richards, carter, timmo and the like were playing badly on purpose, but knowing their job security is only a bad thing. When you have to play lights out to earn a job, you damn well do it. Thats why we are seeing the bottom 6 really starting to play this year. They know there is allot of talent in the farm that is close to the level they are, so they are shifting their ***** to do it.

Lavy will have that locker room under his control right now. I bet he has already started weeding out the **** they get away with by punishing them with long training sessions on the ice. If lavy is hated by the players it's sometimes a good thing, because at least all the players agree on one thing. The coach isn't meant to be your friend. He's meant to teach you how to win. Something stevens didn't fully grasp
Exactly the point Steven's supporters dont understand. Was everything his fault? Absolutely not. Did he deserve to be fired?? Maybe, maybe not.....However, the locker room is HIS responsibility, not the captains. He is responsible for making these pieces fit together.

As far as the chemistry, cliques, etc. This can have a huge impact. I for one can tell you how much "cliques" have really screwed up the group I work in now. People are at each other's throats, people arent sharing info like they are suppossed to all because of a few people that have caused these cliques to break out....

Anyway, I think chemistry is a big issue with this team. You think about when they went to the conference finals two years ago where this team just seemed to be clicking and playing hard for each other and then since then you have lost Umberger, Lupul, Downie, Upshall, Smith, Hatcher, Biron, Knuble. I think the team has just changed over too much to be honest....hence why I think the coach needed to go.

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