Thread: Larry Brooks: PHX rejected Sanguinetti for Mueller
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12-11-2009, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Doesn't the non-stop terrible hockey every get old for you? Don't you ever get tired of watching terrible team after terrible team? Wouldn't it be nice to see a good team for once? Watch some well-executed GOOD hockey? Entertaining hockey? Wouldn't it be nice if, just once in a while, the team was a contender?
It does. I'm having less of a problem with this terrible team because at least the prospects are either being integrated or assessed.

I'm also realistic about this team being a contender in the context of the real contenders in the league. There's literally nothing you can do to this team to put them in class with PIT, CHI, WSH or SJS. It's spinning your wheels to try.

Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Your older than I am and have been watching this team longer than I have, right? Haven't you seen enough Ranger games just like that one to already know that analysis for yourself?
The reason I come here is to hear the array of opinions other than my own. I didn't need to read that article to get Brooks' opinion on that particular subject. I know he doesn't like those contracts. I've known it for a long time.

Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Kind of like the n...after...season...year....after...year?

No value. No substance. No talent.

Until that changes, how the team reacts to yet another bad loss isn't going to make much of a difference. I'm glad Brooks writes this article every so often. In fact, I don't think he writes it nearly enough. I'd rather see more of this story then the analysis you're looking for. I've seen far too much of that as it is over the last decade plus.
Depends what drives you interest in the team. Seems to me like it's a crossroads now and the actions that take place over the next couple of week will determine not just the season, but probably the course of the future. I think an attempt to deal Sanguinetti is a big story and I just wanted to read more about that.

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