Thread: Larry Brooks: PHX rejected Sanguinetti for Mueller
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12-11-2009, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Umm... Mueller is 21 years old.

And Callahan has a WHOPPING 3 points more. Registering nearly 6 minutes MORE ATOI. More PP time. More 5v5 time.

Nice try, though.
I'm a fan of Mueller, and I can admit that he has the potential to be a good player, but your unwavering disdain for Callahan is just plain laughable at this point. Callahan has been the better player in every facet of the game this season. There's no way to dispute that. Players get their TOI reduced because they're playing like ****, it's not an excuse for why they're not producing. It's a result of their lack of production.

He gets less TOI because he's been awful, unmotivated, and he's USELESS in other situations. Mueller is averaging 1 minute less than Callahan in PP TOI, but he hasn't played on the PK all season. Not a single second. If he's not scoring, he brings nothing else to the table.

3 more points is still 3 more points. The fact that "stone handed 3rd liner" Callahan has more points than "potential 1st line forward" Mueller doesn't concern you at all? 4 more goals than the guy who's supposed to be a 1st line goal scorer? The guy has been in the league for 3 years now. The fact that he's 21 can no longer be used as a crutch. Plenty of players are doing well at 21 with as much experience as Mueller, some of them with less.

Does Mueller have more potential? Yep. If he hits that potential, will he blow Callahan's production out of the water? Absolutely. But will he ever be as effective in the other parts of the game? Seriously doubtful, and frankly, I have some doubts about him realizing that potential until he can get his head on straight.

I'm not at all opposed to trading Callahan, but it's not going to be for "potential". It's going to be in a package for someone who's established themselves as a point producer.

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