Thread: Larry Brooks: PHX rejected Sanguinetti for Mueller
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12-11-2009, 12:26 PM
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We'll see how long your "job for life" lasts when you ask for your boss to basically spend millions and millions (and millions and millions) of dollars for nothing.
The Rangers are a profitable organization and also one of the most valuable NHL franchises. Sather hasn't brought on-ice success, but let's not pretend like we're pissing "millions and millions (and millions and millions)" of dollars of Dolan's money away with no result. Hockey's a business and now that the cap is in place, Sather and the Rangers are definitely making Dolan money despite any lack of on-ice success.

An argument could certainly be made that they'd be pulling in more money if they were successful, but let's not pretend like Sather is doing nothing... he's still doing the primary thing Dolan is paying him to do... make money. I wish on-ice success was the only measuring stick, but it is not.

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