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12-11-2009, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Bartulis has done what? Played 12 minutes per night? Wow. Kalinski, Nodl, and Laliberte have done what? Played 3 games on the 4th line? Oh **** wow.

The funny thing is that if you go back to the prospect thread last year, I predicted this exact thing would happen. I drew the Carter comparison and said that because neither guy throws their body around, they're going to get bashed if they're not on pace for 40-goal seasons.

The funniest thing is that after his hot start, most people predicted that JVR would finish with 50-60 points, now he's on pace for 54 and he's still getting slammed even though he's +6 playing on a line where one of his linemates is -7.

It's sad how predictable this fanbase is sometimes.
Yea so? JVR is playing 13 a night. All I'm saying is AS OF LATE guys like Bartulis and others LOOK LIKE they belong. He is contributing. JVR has looked lost.

Don't lump me in with a fanbase and call me predictable. I don't believe I've ever made such a prediction about JVR putting up 50 or 60 points.

THIS ISN'T ABOUT POINTS! To expect him to play the way he started for an entire year is utterly absurd. He simply isn't doing the other important things he did before. Making beautiful passes, controlling the puck, simply looking confident.

What I'm talking about is not quantifiable in the slightest bit! You can tell when a player is struggling by HOW they are playing. Ryan Parent, often times when he has the puck looks like a scared puppy, makes a rash decision, fumbles the puck or just ices it. At times he has lapses in confidence and overthinks or makes a rash decision. This cannot be quantified. At other times, Parent looks fine. JVR at the beginning of the year looked like he 100% belonged. He looked completely confident in himself. He controlled the puck as if he knew he could make a play. I'm saying he is not doing that now. In fact I'd be surprised if the puck was on his stick for a total of more than 30 seconds in each of his last games.

Originally Posted by Opus View Post
All those players spent some time playing semi-pro though, JVR made the leap in one giant step. Between the nagging injuries, the change in competition and more games played...JVR was bound to slow down.

The pace he was on was ridiculous, he'll be just fine. I'm not worried to much.
Great point Opus. Thanks for a giving some thought to what I'm trying to point out. It certainly will be more difficult for JVR.

And I'm not saying that this struggle he is going through isn't ok. Because it is. As you said, it's gonna be a tough transition for him. I'm merely stating that he is in fact struggling.

Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
JVR is 2nd in scoring. 5 pts behind Tavares.

What do you mean what is wrong with him?
Again, this has nothing to do with point totals.

Does anyone read what I write or am I just really bad at explaining what I mean?

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