Thread: News Article: Trade winds following Flyers
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12-11-2009, 09:46 PM
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A lot of teams will be asking about Carter. They know his current troubles aren't indicative of his future play (how could they be? Such a small sample size) and it's not like Vanek was more proven than Carter when he sized his contract. There's blood in the water and a lot of teams are going to try and take advantage.

But, this is the NHL. We all have our favored players but the reality is that no one is truly untouchable. There are just players that you'll trade for fair value and players that you'd trade for overpayment.

I am a supporter of Emery but if this team could get Halak to sign an extension for cheap (he only makes 800k and will be RFA) and we end up solving our goalie problem for 3 or 4 years for a reasonable sum then I would do that any day of the week.

This team will not be able to afford a top flight goalie earning 5 million+ for years. If we could lock up a young guy with a bright future for a few million for a few years then it's a no brainer. If Emery takes us deep into the playoffs and comports himself well he is as good as gone unless he takes a discount... which despite what most of us believe virtually never happens.

That being said, I really hope that everyone waits until we once again have a great 3rd/4th line and Gagne is back. Wait until the pieces are in place again and Emery is 100 percent. Unless Boucher starts to **** the bed but, really, he hasn't shown any signs that he's anything but a competent veteran backup.

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