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09-22-2003, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by PigPen
I loved it when Hudler knocked Kaspiritis on his ass. Not a great hit, but it's good to see Hudler rail a guy like Darius.
Lets hope he gets a chance to play.

Fischer looked like he wanted to absolutely kill Scott after that slashing on him late in the 2nd (or was it early in the 3rd?)
Always a good sign when Fischer is pissed off at somebody on the other team.

Williams looks like he's skating much better than last year and will probably play more than Devereaux if he keeps on improving. He created lots of offensive chances, one of which Hudler converted.

Kronwall was getting physical and didn't struggle nearly as much this game as last. I hope the wings' trade off Dandeneault and play Kronwall full time. He looks ready to step it up and make an impact.

Kopecky as usual is unimpressive, and hasn't improved significantly since last season. Still a bad skater who can't throw or take a hit...
I highly doubt he makes the NHL as anything more than a 4th liner. What a waste of a high 2nd rounder.
Richard Scott is a good scrapper, from what I have seen of Fischers scrapping ability, he had better leave Scott to someone else.

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