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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
I played Juniors with a guy back in late 70's. He charged a guy at the point to block his shot. The puck ramped up his stick. It angled up and hit him starting at the upper jaw and went up through most of his face breaking his jaw, cheek bone, orbital bone and he ended up losing his eye. It's been 30 years and I will never forget that sound. Like hitting a pumpkin with a baseball bat. I was about 12' away and still got splattered with blood. It was difficult to finish the game. He didn't play organized hockey anymore but he did play pick up a couple of years afterward.
Worst I ever had was slap shot to the chest in an adult league with no shoulder pads on. I couldn't breath for a lot longer than I thought I could ever hold my breath. I thought my heart stopped.
Cripes that was a terrible horrible accident that guy had. The only guy I know who lost an eye playing hockey lost it playing goal with one of those 1970s fiberglas masks that sat on the face with no foam padding. He got hit with a puck in the eye socket of the mask and the impact caused him to lose his eyesight in one eye. he played goal again afterwards but only in pickup games and shinny with loss of depth perception as he had one eye left. That takes guts and a love for the game.

That must be rough losing an eye ... I feel for the guy you typed about.

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