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12-12-2009, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by FINNtastic View Post
I hope that Porin Ässät files for bankruptcy at the end of the season and Korkki has to move to Rauma.
Riiiiight, the team with one of the most stable financial situation in the league will file for bankruptcy

Originally Posted by Korkki View Post
Personally, I think you can read between the lines that the biggest reason for Erik not being in the tourney is his father. However, being a controversional character it just can't matter whether you will choose his son or not. I hope Finland will be so bad that everyone will crush Jortikka after the tournament.
Come on dude, so the kid from Pori was not selected, it's nothing personal from Jortikka against Pori, there were simply better players available. You're just making every one of us from Pori look like retards.

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