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12-12-2009, 11:56 AM
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Hey, there's a Home Game Tonight against the Ducks, Dec 12, 7 pm, (apparently)

Latest GDT Ever because I waited until 1pm Gameday for someone else to post it, but no, so here I am being the Shadow Mod once again. What are we paying these guys for, huh? Samkow I understand his role as attack dog. He's spanked me more times than a french hooker. But DSL? What does he really do around here besides "sticky" things? And Macster -he went and got married. Totally ruined now.

<Obligatory CBJ Logo Here>

(I mean, don't we all know what it looks like by now? Check your fridge magnet or tattoo if you've forgotten)

<Obligatory Quack Foot Logo Here>
(Hard to believe they think a gold daffy foot is better than the duck goalie mask. We should kick their ass just for that.)

<Obligatory Pic of Nationwide Arena Here>

Obligatory Posting of the lines, blah blah blah,
(as if Hitch keeps his lines together)

Game Overview from some nut job in Toronto

Obligatory Quote from Puck-Rakers:
"Only 4 players showed up for yesterday's Optional Skate."

"The Big Story: The Return of Freddie Modin"
(Which you would have expected would earn more excitement from HF, maybe a Modin themed GDT or something, but no. How many fans will die holding their breath everytime he gets checked?)

Just Win Baby!
(in regulation please)

I don't see a mod online right now, so I'll just sticky it myself using my "Shadow Mod Secret Powers."

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