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12-12-2009, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine24 View Post
Should have just kept harm would have been done. Plus you wouldnt have look like a pansy for leaving the game because of a "bruise" (no offense)

Should have iced it the second you took the skate off.

Now your going to be having a nice lump for awhile and no hockey for a few days.
I'm in complete disagreement with this post. Why would the OP look like a pansy? If it were a serious injury he could do further damage by taking another shot off his foot or just by turning the ankle. I think most pro players would at least have it checked by a trainer in the dressing room before going back on the ice, and those guys are getting paid to play. The OP, if he's got a full time job to worry about, may be more concerned about missing work than manning up and playing through pain for the sake of his image.

As for the bag of ice it has no magical properties. Respect the role that swelling plays in your injury -- it tends to limit range of motion in a joint that really shoudn't be moving for fear of worsening the injury. Also, the circulating blood helps your body remove damaged tissue and bring in nutrients to help repair the injury. Excess swelling can be controlled by ice but there are reasons why you'd want to limit the time you ice an injury. Ten minutes per application seems to be the magic number. There's a good article here. For one thing you can cause frostbite to skin and tissue closest to the ice. Second, in trying to slow blood flow to the injured area you can actually draw more blood and more fluid the longer you leave the ice on.

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