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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
For the money he makes, I'm not a fan either. But to know that because we got him, we were able to sign both Cammy and Gio, makes me forget about his salary hit.
Until someone shows me a link to an interview with Cammalleri where he is asked: "Would you have come here without Gomez?" and he answers: "No." people should really stop passing this around. It sounds like the rationalizations of someone who would put up with an ugly, *****y wife because she bakes good brownies and does the laundry.

Back on topic, obviously I would do it. Younger, bigger, tougher, also shows up in the playoffs. "Problem" is, that he would only be a long term replacement for Metropolit, and the Habs would still be without that true #1 centre that is needed if this team is ever going to be considered in the same sentence as the words "Stanley Cup contenders". Who knows what they could do with the extra 3.5 million in cap space they'd save from this deal, plus Metro's 1 mil, and savings from either Hamrlik leaving or signing for less money than his current, "peak years" contract, though.

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