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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Sure, there was the really blatant stuff, like the elbows and just some roughhousing, but Parros looked like he stumbled into the Howard a couple of times. Even Mick thought Howard was going to get a call for holding the stick, and instead Parros got called for interference. It just had that ticky-tacky feel to it.

That particular 'almost' goal wasn't a goal from the angles, but if the ref was going to call Parros for the penalty..... why was there even a review? In case the Wings scored on their own net while Parros sat on Howard, who had his stick? It's tough to sort out but it just seemed like a sloppy game from the officials. Like they weren't using the same benchmark. For a Ducks/Wings tilt, it didn't have the usual intensity you get with these two teams either.

They're both really bad right now, which is really amazing considering how tough the Conference final was last year.
Looked to me like Parros whacked Howard in the face, and Jimmy grabbed his stick after that. A goalie like Turco would have skate-kicked Parros in the crotch, so I'd say a stick grab was pretty light.

The only thing they could have been looking at was whether the Wings knocked the puck into their own net - unless I'm giving them too much credit and they're a bunch of morons, which is also possible.

When only one team is elbowing and boarding and running the goalie, you can call penalties 10-4 using the same benchmarks. The problem is, we only get one or two games vs the Ducks where they actually do use the same benchmarks. Normally the Ducks' strategy of committing so many penalties that the refs are too embarrassed to keep calling them, usually that works. It didn't in this one.

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