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12-12-2009, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by smon View Post
I like the overreactions in this thread, very entertaining.

Gomez has been surpassed on the depth chart by Plekanec. And if Plekanec is going to be the #1 centre and continues his great play - he's going to be have to be paid like one or he hits the UFA market. Factor in raises for Price (again playing well) and the cap space would be great to have. So I'd make the trade, the cap flexibility would be handy and Umberger isn't a bad player at all.

Realistically though, a player who just got acquired isn't going to be flipped so quickly. So it's pointless speculation...
Unfortunately (as it stands now), you're probably right. The cap flexibility you mention is the biggest problem I have will the deal... even more than Gomez's performance.

And for those wonder who we could have gotten instead for the 3.5 Mil, it's not just 3.5 m. It's that plus the whatever possibilities arise when/if Hamrlik signs a new contract (probably less than 5+ mil, and maybe we end up with the entire 5.5 mil to play with if the Habs pass entirely... which seems unlikely), plus hundred of thousands if a top centre is going to be pursued, Metro (and his 1 mil) are let go in favour of bringing up Maxwell (who I think would be paid only half of that), perhaps waiving D'Ago and depending on what happens to Mara's 1.6+ mil after this year.

Some of that seems like pennies in scale, but with the expected raises to Price, and likely Plekanec, all those extra bits would help. Unfortunately, Gomez's contract likely means some people here are going to be saying good bye to a few of their favourite hopefuls and role players on this team (not limited to D'Ago, Lapierre, Metro, Mara, Bergeron) due to financial constraints (also, do the Habs make signing S.Kost a priority, and if so does HE get a raise, too?).

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