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12-12-2009, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
Gomez's problem is his contract. He is a good player with good experience and character. People who complane about him are to me overreacting. Look at Richard in Dallas....I bet the TB wished that it would be VL there and Richard in TB. Yes, it always easier to judge after the fact but he was the MVP in the playoffs and not VL.
Would I like for Gomez to produce more? for sure but I'm just trying to live with the fact that he is paid like a star but is not one. What else does he do? plays realy well on the PK(also a good place for someone to gain confidence) is good in the transition game by coming back and helping the defence. Take hits to make plays, moves the puck and so on an on.
Agree with me or not, Gomez to me is a number one center. He is a smart player that's not getting the breaks offencively. Last game for exemple.......ok lets not go there. I think he will pot more goals and I see him putting up clouch goals and to me thats where he can earn his contract in the eyes of one fan.
Yes his contract is the problem and it is the problem that prevents us from signing a number one center. He is not a bad player by he is eating valuable cap space.

I doubt that Gomez will ever reach 65 points in a season during the rest of his career. I would be happy if he did but I don't think it will happen. We have to ask ourselves, will a #1 center who scores 65 points a year lead us out of mediocrity.

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