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12-12-2009, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Trade Legwand View Post
wow, laptop messes up and you miss all kinds of things!

Slake, glad to hear you are OK, hopefully you will be back to 100% soon enough to get down to the Nashville Arena!

Joe, bless my wife's heart, but I can't stand going to games with her. She likes the team, likes hockey, just doesn't understand. She keeps trying to get me to talk to her during the game, and I just want quiet, until we score.

Memphis, I have some single hockey friends, if you are in the market. hahaha.
I get in that mood, too. My poor friends, they've pointed out that my mood totally changes once we score.

Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
Memphis is in the market, trust me.

See, my girlfriend is fine with hockey. She enjoys it (our 2nd month dating I took her to a preds game and she loved it.) It's just she gets in one of THOSE moods where she is essentially not happy with anything until her entire room is clean enough to eat off of with a fork. Her cleaning time is her stress relief time, and it is best not to interfere unless you want your face bitten off.

I am taking her to the Miami Ohio against OSU hockey game tonight. I will have my iTouch at my side to keep up with the Preds game.
You're a lucky one, Joe. It's hard to get Memphis guys into hockey. When you're trying to watch a game with them they get anxious and constantly talk to you and mess with you. Leave me alone while I'm watching the game.

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