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Originally Posted by tobyandmisty View Post
Well for the amount I am getting out lately I should not spend any more money on better skates. It has been tough finding the time to play.

The reason I asked the question is that I have a pair of Bauer 105s which I think cost me about $65.00 a year ago. The skates are not baked and seem to fit pretty good. My feet never hurt. I have even taken shots to the foot and felt no pain. The issue for me is my skating. I am only mediocre and want to get better but for the amount of time I get out I should not be that mad.

I just cannot get the thought out of my mind that my skating would improve with a more expensive skate. I had this happen to me with rollerblades. The first pair I tried were cheap and I hated them, then I tried a good pair and it made all of the difference in the world.
The general rule of thumb is to buy the best pair of skates you can afford. If you've got a pair of skates that fit well and don't cause you discomfort I see no urgency for you to buy a new, more expensive pair especially if you're a novice. Practice skating whether it's in a game or just open skating at a rink and work on your starts, stops, turns, pivots etc. Wait until your skating is strong enough that you really feel your skates are holding you back. You'll have a better idea of what to look for in your next pair.

For what it's worth I played for years with a pair of CCM Tacks that were at least a size and a half bigger than what I should have been wearing. I bought them from a big box store with no guidance from a salesman and didn't know sneaker sizes are different from skate sizes. I seriously doubt I would have been a better player with more expensive skates because I hadn't learned fundamental skating skills. When I finally bought my next pair I noticed how big a difference there was between my new and old skates and I was able to put those improvements to good use.

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