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Originally Posted by King Henrik 30 View Post
I agree with you, the point that I'm trying to make is that we have plenty people to re-sign, throwing money at Kovalchuk may not be the best thing for this organization in the long run.

Let's be hypothetical here. Considering we move both Redden and Roszival (Drury has a full NMC clause ,and I doubt he waives it). That means that we have about 11.5M to do multiple things this coming season. Get Staal locked up, which obviously means we let Girardi walk. The rest of the money would most likely be used to sign Kovalchuk. On the open market, he is worth AT LEAST 8M per. We then free up about 4.8 mill if we let Higgins, Prospal, and Girardi walk. Leaving us with 4.8 mill to sign 2 wingers and a defensemen. Lets not forget that after that off-season we have Cally, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Gilroy and Sanguinetti the next season.

I don't know about you guys, but I would much rather have our team grow and hopefully become a contender. Sure, having a top of line of Kovy and Gaborik would be incredible, but the team around them would suck pretty bad.

Again, it's fun to speculate and dream. Is it possible Kovalchuk comes to NY? Sure. Is it the best option? No, because it will cripple us for years to come, unless we can get rid of all 3 of those terrible contracts. But Kovalchuk to NY is pretty much a pipe dream.
I agree, its a more complex situation than I implied earlier. As HockeViper says though, and my thinking is here - its much easier to add the complimentary pieces that it is the Superstars. When they become available, you get them, if its at all feasible.

Personally, I think I'd rather see us tank and get in the lottery and grab one of the two hot prospects. But, if we did go for Kovy, one in addition to freeing space in the ways you mentioned, we could be "ruthless" with Drury. Tell him he will be scratched and won't play, and give him the option to 1) be traded or 2) retire. This assumes he wouldn't accept a move to Hartford, which would be the second best option after a trade. While we lose defensive ability with him gone, his offense is now non-existent, and what he brings can in no way justify his $7mm cap hit. He has to go, one way or another.

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