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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
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OK so I got a pretty bad sharpening job earlier today. When I went to skate on the ice I could barely stop because my blades just weren't digging into the ice. It also made it near impossible for me to make any tight turns, or anything in between.

I'm not sure if the blade was poorly sharpened, or if they just didn't give it a deep enough hollow. Should I go and complain, or just take my skates elsewhere to get them fixed?
You may have gotten a goalie skate sharpening or a figure skate. In any case some goon who shouldn';t touch your skates did so and i would suggest you do what I do .... go to someone who knows what they are doing and ALWAYS only have them do them no matter what.

The guy I use has my own personal hollow which he adjusts on his wheel when I go in there.

Also I am not sure how shiort or lightweight you are or how big and heavy you are. That determines how much you hollow grabs more than the hollow depth as it isn't universal. I weigh 240lbs and some guy weighing 140lbs will not feel the same grab I would with a deep hollow.

The sharpening you got may be fine for the previous customer in other words and since you did not specify what YOU wanted the guy gave you what the previous guy had.

ALWAYS know your hollow and tell whomever sharpens them what YOU want before he does them so he can do them right. This also lets you know if that guy should even be doing them because when you tell him your hollow you want and he gets a deer in headlights look in his face because he doesn't know what that is don't let him do them.

I would rather play on dull skates than get a wrong sharpening. Also you should not have to dull your skates before playing, if you do YOu HAVE THE WRONG HOLLOW to begin with.

I actually found that out through you guys here who eductaed me about what a hollow should do .... which is to match you weight and playing style. I use a 3/4inch depth which is pretty shallow but i weigh 240lbs so this hollow works for me and is not too grabby. I've also noticed the edge stays on there a lot longer for me in between sharpenings.

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