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12-13-2009, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by benneyb View Post
I agree, its a more complex situation than I implied earlier. As HockeViper says though, and my thinking is here - its much easier to add the complimentary pieces that it is the Superstars. When they become available, you get them, if its at all feasible.

Personally, I think I'd rather see us tank and get in the lottery and grab one of the two hot prospects. But, if we did go for Kovy, one in addition to freeing space in the ways you mentioned, we could be "ruthless" with Drury. Tell him he will be scratched and won't play, and give him the option to 1) be traded or 2) retire. This assumes he wouldn't accept a move to Hartford, which would be the second best option after a trade. While we lose defensive ability with him gone, his offense is now non-existent, and what he brings can in no way justify his $7mm cap hit. He has to go, one way or another.
For the first time I agree with the whole tanking situation. We're not really tanking, we just suck really bad. Its not like were putting out a bad team to purposely lose, we tried to put out a good team, that just sucks.

As for Drury, we all wish he was gone strictly because of the contract, but I doubt the Rangers do anything unclassy to him. Fortunately, he has been a class act for this organization, despite his salary. With that said, I doubt they would scratch him and tell him he can only play if he waives his NMC. The Rangers organization has never did something like that in recent years. I do agree with you though, he has to go sooner or later, especially if we are perusing Kovalchuk around the deadline/FA.

That was a very unique way of getting rid of him though, different from the others I usually see

Maybe he needs to get burned when the opposing team scores an OT winner, so he'll get sent down.

Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
I'm not sure if that was directed at me but I will respond anyways.

I understand where you are coming from about not being able to resign the players who are going to be needed elsewhere, it could turn into a problem. But if watching Gaborik this season has taught me anything it is this, elite level talent will always make the players around them better. Having those two on the same team means that the only thing left is a solid shut-down d-man(Staal) and PP QB(MDZ) and the team will be a perennial powerhouse.

It allows other players to be comfortable knowing they have 2 players who can take over any game at any time. it allows them to play their game and where they feel comfortable. When players are comfortable, it reflects in their stats and the teams stats, thats why teams like Pitt and Detroit have been good. Their role players know what they have to do for the team to succeed and in doing so are rewarded by getting points.

Also, signing Kovalchuk would mean a long-term deal, I am talking 8-10 years. it also would mean Redden and Rozsival and possibly Drury would be out of here clearing the space needed.
It wasn't directed towards you, but I also understand where you are coming from. I've actually never thought about losing key players in detail, but from what you said it makes sense why Sather wouldn't mind losing those key players.

If we could have them rotate time on the first and second lines every other game, and lock up MDZ, Staal and hopefully another home grown player, this team would be set.

Excellent post, never really thought about the "support players" that way.

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