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12-13-2009, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by mja View Post

You can call Hextall a lot of things: insane, vicious, mean, *******, etc. You can't call him a coward. Sure he hit people with his blocker on, and he hit them with just his fists, and he hit them with his stick, and he hit them with his glove, and whatever the hell else he could hit them with. None of it was out of cowardice, he had no problem just plain throwing them.

Mike Keenan had to tackle Hextall to the ground to keep him from going out half-dressed during the big pre-game brawl vs. the Canadiens that Claude Lemieux started in 87.

He took on all comers. How many goalies have you ever seen get into actual fights with forwards? Not many.

My favorite is the Capitals player that foolishly messes with Hextall as he's being escorted off of the ice, only to get a major beat down and end up turtling in complete fear for the madman he needlessly unleashed upon himself.

Hextall would be banned from the league today.

Hextall was nutty, but he wasn't tough. He jumped people and swung the lumber. That was about it.

I'd love some real, unedited examples that prove his toughness and willingness to chuck them in a fair fight.

As for his fight card...he beat the 5'7" 150lb Alain Chevrier in a short brawl and lost to Felix Potvin who was Hextall's size.

Lost of sizzle, not much steak.

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