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12-14-2009, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
When people just realize theres nothing we can do about Drury for 2 and a half years, maybe the whining will stop and we can focus on things that can actually be altered.
Nah, if all the fans turn on Drury he won't want to play here and waive his NMC clause.
If Gomez could be dealt for something of value, Drury can be dealt.

Drury gets paid way to much for what he is and that fault is split between him, because he and his agent sought the money and Glen Sather who was foolish enough to pay him that amount. On Sathers end, I'd say, noone expected him to be 2 goals terrible only halfway through the deal, however, in no way should Sather ever have included a NMC clause into the deal. Slats hates other GMs for coming up with long term deals manipulating numbers to get the cap hit they want, well that's fine but Slats has abused NMC/NTC in his own right.

Drury as captain of this team should be showing some level of leadership. Maybe he's showing some miraculous intangibles in the locker room behind closed doors, but so far, he's not showing it on the bench during games and he's definitely doing it on the ice. There are many clips of VP or Callahan talking with guys and younger players on the bench, we see Sullivan and Del Zotto on the regular. For sure MSG wants to highlight him as a leader, yet they're incapable of finding any footage to do so.

Since Drury has played for the Rangers, there has been the likes of Jagr, Shanahan, a high flying Straka, Gomez, Naslund, VP, and Gabby. Not all were in the pinnacle of their careers, though none the less, he has had ample opportunity, including this year, to play with some talented players, yet he has never melded well on a line with any of them, so the question becomes, who can Drury produce with? At 33 he's not completely over the hill and like many players, coming to NY hasn't worked for him. He should realize that and look to move on, as well as this team. The only problem, is that without Dubinsky in the lineup, this team gets beat on faceoffs alot and losing puck control at the start of every play, isn't good for a puck control team. Drury is one of the few guys who can win the draw and right now, that's about all he does well.

In the past, I had hopes for a deal involving a smaller sallery dumps, but the likes of Penner and Fischer have been too good and to compound the issue Drury has been so horrendous, guys like Cheechoo and Horcoff have been playing much better than him. Maybe, just maybe, there's chance for a Brind'Amour for Drury deal available. Brinds can skate the 4th line in NY and maybe Drury can fit better on a team like Carolina. Maybe there's some nostalgic feelings for him in Colorado, who better could play on Duchene's wing then a veteran who can keep up with him and has had success in the city. In return? Adam Foote could provide some veteran leadership to our young blueliners and at 3.25m, is a start for salary coming back.

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